I call this my "Titanic" banding. I was watching Antiques Roadshow (Belfast episode - 2009) on TV and saw a dining table with this banding inlayed on the skirt. According to the show, this table was made for the Titanic ship Captian's dining table. The table never made it abord the ship as it was not completed for the maiden voyage. The table was made in the Sheritan Revival Style by the Harland & Wolff shipbuilding company in 1912, and is still kept in the original White Star Lines building, which is currently being restored.
I am not sure of the banding's dimensions, as this was all done just by looking closely at the TV screen. I think I got the proportions right, but the width may be off a bit. In any case, I would consider this an excellent copy. The original banding was supposedly satinwood and ebony - this banding is made of yellowheart and Gaboon ebony.

5/16" wide. Made from solid Yellowheart and Gabon Ebony hardwoods.

Inlayed in a sapele box and finished.


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