Banding 203 Walnut/Holly 1/2" wide. All the walnut is selected heartwood, and the holly is selected from creamy-white and clear stock. The outer black stripes are 1/32" wide. The black stripes are especially desireable if you are going to stain the piece. You can carefully mask off the banding along the black edges, prior to staining, and maintain the white of the holly and the walnut colors. The stain will not show up on the black edges.

The diamonds are widely separated (on about 1-3/4" centers), leaving about 1-3/8" of clear walnut between each diamond. This makes it easier to match mitered corners, keeping the mitered cut within the walnut on all four corners (in the case of a square, or rectangular layout).

A picture of this banding inlayed in the side of a desk.

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