Banding 241 - Walnut/Holly - 3/8" wide with black edges.

This banding is made from solid genuine walnut and holly hardwoods, with black-dyed veneer edges.

Shown inlayed in a walnut box. This box is unstained, natural walnut heartwood. If you wanted to inlay this banding, and stain the piece, the black edges make it possible to do without staining the banding. Simply mask off the banding at the black edges and the stain will not be noticeable on the black line. You do; however, need some thin masking tape. Cutting the tape with a razor kinfe and a straight-edge works if you stick a line of tape on a melamine board, then cut it. It will lift easily and undamaged from the melamine.

For a square or rectangle, use 8 pieces of banding, matching the 45* mitered corners, and the center 90* cut also matches.

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