Banding 350 - Sapele/holly/satinwood/ebony 1" wide
Exactly 1" wide. This is time consuming and difficult to make, so the price reflects the difficulty.
This is quality banding that will take a superb finish; being made from solid hardwoods; not built-up veneers like many commercial bandings. The woods are oriented so that the face-cut side (NO END-GRAIN) is showing.
The standard thickness of this banding is about .040" (about twice the thickness of standard .6mm veneer). At .040" thick, this will safely bend to about an 8" radius. Sanded to a thickness of about 1/32" (.031") the banding will bend to about a 4" radius without breaking. If you would like this sanded to a thickness of 1/32" (or other thickness - down to about .020") please send me an email immediately after ordering, and I will sand it at no extra charge.

The first close-up photo shows the banding with a coat of shellac. Here you can see the grain and color of the wood. Note the whiteness of the holly, and the jet black ebony...

All images shown below are unfinished, raw wood.

Shown at 1/32" thick...

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