This is creamy white holly veneer. This stuff is very white with no staining - some of the best holly veneer I have seen in a long time, and very difficult to find at a reasonable price.

Holly veneer .6mm (.023") thick. This is just over standard veneer thickness (.020").
Sold by the square foot.      Price: $4.95 per square foot.
      Due to shipping limitations: if you order just one square foot, I will send you 5 pieces, each about 1-7/8" wide and 15" long. For a 2 square foot order, you will get 10 pieces 1-7/8" wide and 15" long. For orders over 2 square feet there are some wider and longer pieces available (see below).

Shown with a couple pieces of inlay banding laying across it so the contrast in color can be seen.

Price: $4.95 per square foot
Note: If you are ordering more than one sq ft,
click the "Add to cart" button once then
change the quantity in the shopping cart...

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